Arizona continues to be the top destination in the west for trophy archery hunters.  While obtaining a non-resident permit to hunt any of its big game species is no small feat, those that beat the odds are presented a tremendous opportunity to harvest a giant.  Arizona holds current P&Y world records for elk, coues deer, pronghorn, desert bighorn and bison.  Also of note is that over 25% of Arizona’s P&Y entries exceed trophy class minimums year in and year out.  This is an outstanding rate when compared to other states in the west.  Nevada and Utah’s trophy harvest typically account for around 20% of their total P&Y submissions.  While these are still premier figures, they are a distant second to those of Arizona’s.

Unfortunately, the recipe for such high trophy potential is to manage conservative harvest quotas.  This makes for long draw odds, especially when figuring in a 10% cap for non-resident applicants.  Up to 5% of these permits will go to max point holders while the other 5% will be awarded through the random draw.

For those wanting to have a shot at harvesting a top end elk, deer, pronghorn, desert sheep or bison, put Arizona at the front of your list.  While every applicant has a mathematical chance of drawing a permit each year, building points in Arizona should be viewed as a long term investment towards hunting a premier trophy state in the west!

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