Colorado (Demo)

Colorado (Demo)

Colorado is a state that most archery hunters should be applying in. Averaging around 120 total P&Y entries each year, no state puts more P&Y entries in the book annually. Colorado is a state whose game management program is focused mostly on hunter opportunity and it leads the way in elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep & mountain goat entries year in and year out. Despite catering heavily towards hunting opportunity, it turns out giant archery mule deer and bigger moose than any other state! It is also the only state that offers archery rocky mountain bighorn hunts and an archery mountain goat hunt, improving the odds of drawing one of these coveted tags as a bowhunter.

New in 2018, Colorado won’t require that applicants front the entire tag fee upfront to apply. Rather, they will charge $10 for a habitat stamp along with $3 for each species being applied for. This has drastically reduced the upfront cost to apply, making it a good idea for every hunter to be building points in Colorado!

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