Archery hunting in Idaho, when compared to other states in the west, offers average to below average sized animals along with a low number of P&Y entries each year. This is true of elk, mule deer, pronghorn, goat and bighorn sheep. The exception comes in Idaho’s shiras moose hunting. While the quality of moose being harvested in Idaho has fallen dramatically in recent years, no state offers better nonresident draw odds for first time applicants.

Idaho requires that hunt applicants buy a fairly expensive nonrefundable hunting license to apply for controlled hunts. If applying for moose, sheep or goat, the fee for the tag being applied for must also be fronted when applying. Idaho, aside from New Mexico, is the only state in the west that does not offer a point system on any of its big game draws. This gives applicants the same chance of drawing a permit as everyone else each year. Applicants are only allowed to apply for elk, deer and pronghorn OR only one of the trophy species each season. In other words, if an applicant wants to apply for moose, sheep or goat, they may only apply for one of these species and are then ineligible to apply for elk, deer and pronghorn. This improves draw odds even further by limiting the amount of applicants applying for each species in Idaho each year. If you can afford to do so and are looking for as many hunts as possible each year, get your name in the hat for Idaho!

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