Nevada is a state that manages its hunting primarily for trophy opportunity. By keeping tag allocations low and also implementing a waiting period on most species if successful in the draw, Nevada has successfully established itself as one of the premier trophy states in the west. Successful applicants must wait ten years to apply if drawn for desert sheep. For bull elk, there is a seven year waiting period after drawing a tag. If drawn for pronghorn there is a three year waiting period before being eligible to apply for another permit. There is no waiting period for mule deer. To capitalize on the trophy opportunity Nevada offers, most applicants will be in for a long wait and will likely only draw one elk or sheep permit in their lifetime, if at all.

When drawn however, it will likely be worth the wait. Those looking for a chance at a monster bull should absolutely be building points in Nevada. While no state turns out fewer entries, the average P&Y bull coming from the state is an incredible 344 3/8”, easily tops in the country. For those looking for an opportunity to hunt desert sheep, Nevada will offer the best chance at drawing a permit as a nonresident. The state currently guarantees 33 permits to nonresidents hunters. This is more than twice the allocation that Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona offer for desert sheep, combined. Anyone hoping to draw a desert sheep hunt or trophy bull elk permit should be building points in Nevada!

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