Utah should be near the top of the list for trophy archery hunters. The state manages permit allocations conservatively and coming across a nonresident permit is no small feat. Last year, a total of 104 nonresident archery permits were awarded through the draw for elk, mule deer and pronghorn. Of those, 36 were guaranteed to those applicants with the most points in their respective hunt choices. The rest were awarded through the random draw.

Typically only Arizona turns out a higher ratio of trophy P&Y entries to total annual entries on all species. Over the last three years however, Utah has pulled even with Arizona with both states now sitting at an impressive 28%. Utah’s high trophy ratio is mostly attributed to its archery mule deer hunting. Around 60% of its annual trophy entries are awarded to its massive mule deer. Elk hunting in Utah remains at an all-time best and accounts for another 23% of the state’s trophy entries. For those wanting a shot at a big archery mountain goat, there may not be a better place in the lower 48 to have a tag. After that comes a serious drop in trophy potential for the remaining species in Utah. It’s hard to use the term overrated on any moose or sheep hunt, but it terms of opportunity to harvest a giant, your chances are slim. The same can be said of its pronghorn.

Utah offers the most economical application fees of the big three trophy states in the Rockies. For $145 a year, nonresidents can be building points for all eight big game species offered across the state.

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